The Photographer

James Tummins image


James grew up in southeast Texas, and developed a deep appreciation for mountains in trips to east Tennessee and west Texas. During this same time, he developed and nurtured an interest in photography. His first significant financial commitment and loan from a bank was for a camera, a Canon SLR.

After graduating from college in 1978, he moved to Colorado. He’s always enjoyed the Colorado outdoors. His particular interest in landscape photography developed on a trip to Alaska — a truly inspirational place. The Alaska experience helped him to see the Rocky Mountains with a new and fresh perspective. Most of his photos are from the Colorado Rockies, with some from the United States desert southwest.


We all have a connection to the beauty and power of nature, demonstrated by our deep, heart-felt responses to scenic sunsets, soothing waterfalls, majesty of mountains, and the power of thunderstorms. My goal is to remind the viewer of the wonders of our world, inspire that sense of beauty and awe, and encourage them to see with new eyes.

Artist Statement

Natural landscapes remind me of our connection with nature. They provide a sense of peace, inspiration and humility. Landscapes are vast and dynamic. I try to capture these characteristics through form and color.

Capturing the basic image in the camera is only the first step in the process of creating the final image. The initial capture is tuned to communicate the feeling of the photographs location. While I strive to keep the colors and forms realistic, they are frequently modified and enhanced to balance colors, remove clutter, and intensify textures.

My primary area of focus is the Intermountain West and the Desert Southwest. There is a particular emphasis on national parks, particularly Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.